Who We Are


Indiana Forward is a broad and bipartisan statewide campaign that includes supporters from major state employers, faith groups, nonprofits, third-party organizations, the Indy Chamber, trade groups, colleges and universities, and more.

What We Stand For


We’re advocating for the 2019 Indiana General Assembly to pass a clear, specific and inclusive hate crimes law that allows judges to enhance criminal sentences when the crime was motivated by bias toward a victim’s characteristics that include: race; ethnicity; religion; national origin; sex; disability; gender identity; and sexual orientation.

Why is Legislation Needed?


It’s the right thing to do for people, for businesses and for our state’s national and global reputation.

It’s Good for People

Hate crimes are on the rise across the country and our state. In Indiana, more than 500 hate crimes have been reported to the FBI since 2008. The actual number is likely much higher, but even one crime of this nature impacts not only the intended victim(s), but their entire community. Hoosiers deserve to feel safe where they live and work and know that the state will do everything in its power to prevent crimes of hate from happening in their community.

It’s Good for Business

Indiana rightly prides itself on our strong business climate, but our lack of a hate crimes law fuels a negative national and international perception that Indiana is unwelcoming of diversity. That’s driving businesses and talented workers away from the Hoosier State. If we can’t attract or retain talented people, Indiana will struggle to grow economic opportunities, including better jobs and higher incomes, for all Hoosiers.

It’s Good for Indiana

A majority (60%) of Hoosiers favor hate crimes legislation, including a majority of Republicans (47% to 31%) because it furthers an environment of economic, cultural and individual growth. Hate crimes legislation is pro-business and pro-Hoosier. We’re proud to join Gov. Holcomb in moving Indiana Forward.